A Welcome From Our Minister

We at New Life Christian are like so many other Christians we proclaim that "We are not the only Christians but we are Christians only". But we are more than that we are sinners who have been redeemed by a risen Savior.  If you are looking for perfection and giant programs we are not for you. We are a church filled with people who have been hurt, broken and miss treated we are broken vessel that Jesus mends daily, in preperation for the day we go home. Paul refers to our christian walk as a race in fact it is a marathon along hard race filled with valley's and steep hills. It really is a long run and we are never finished until the day we are called home. But like all hard things we do in life Jesus is with us on every stretch of our journey not only to help us in growing spiritualy and completing the race but also in mending are flaws and cracks as we head down lifes path, these so called vessel we call bodies will only be completed when we go home.

New Life is not full of perfect Christians we are full of forgiven sinners who struggle with life everyday just like you. But at New Life we will help you along your walk and we hope you will help us too. If you are looking for the simple truth and someone to tell you that God loves you very much. Then we look forward to meeting you.

Pastor Michael McKinney